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Warmly welcome to Lebenshilfe Husum!

For more than fifty years Lebenshilfe in the district of Husum has supported handicapped people of all kinds with theirs families.

We have started to fill the term “inclusion” with life. Our vision is that our society will be formed in such a way that everybody – independent of his or her need of support – gets help he or she needs to take part in normal life of society.

We offer:

  • advice for people, who are in need of help for handicapped persons and family members
  • early information for handicapped children or children with delayed development and – of course – for their parents
  • different projects for movement and motoric functions for children
  • an inclusive kindergarten for children aged just a few months until they start school
  • support for children and young people between 6 - 18 years of age who need help at school
  • assistance for relatives with handicapped family members of all ages
  • various offers in education and entertainment, music and movement, art, games and fun, free times daily and weekly  

You can kindly contact us personally or by phone at our office for further information about our offers.

We enjoy to advise you personally or by phone.

Office hours:

Monday to Friday

8 a.m. till 1 p.m.


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